Starting Right in the Morning – Examining Your First Thoughts Upon Waking

It takes more than a good breakfast to start the day right, but that in itself is a very large part. Each morning when we awaken and rise out of bed our mind begins working. It begins to organize what we must do that particular day, it begins to pick out clothes, and begins to think about things in general. While most of the time this isn’t harmful, our thoughts in the morning not only have a profound impact upon our day, but also can teach us something about ourselves.

The First Thing

When I first started college, I distinctly remember my first thought of each day of that first semester. It was “I won’t be able to sleep again until ten o’clock tonight.” Not a very good way to start the day. My first thought of the day was about wanting to completely skip it. It’s easy to see how such a thought could impact someone for the rest of their day.

These negative thoughts also come unnoticed. I didn’t realize I had been thinking that way until I had a chance to take a break from school and go home for a week. Sometimes there has to be a time when we can step outside of ourselves and analyze our situation. When we are in the heat of battle we can’t come up with a strategy. It is only when we re-organize and regroup that we are able to see the light.

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E-Government – The Singapore Experience

An African proverb admonishes us that: “Whenever the rhythm of the drum beats changes, you must change the dance movement accordingly.”

It is no longer privileged knowledge that Information and Communication Technology has launched the entire globe into what is now known as the e-world-meaning electronic world. Today Governments the world over are somersaulting to reinvent and re-engineer governance so as to be more effective, efficient and transparent in the provision of information, goods and services to their citizens electronically.

Fortunately Ghana has already started dancing to the tune of the technological music because government has laid the foundation for e-government by establishing the government of Ghana website popularly referred to as Ghana Portal which is being managed by the Information Services Department of the Ministry of Information in Accra. Government has also established the Ghana-India Kofi Anan IT Centre of Excellence and above all, Ghana has formulated an Information Communication Technology framework for accelerated development, being spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the practicability, accessibility and usability of e-government services by citizens, Ghana still has some mountains to climb and some rivers and lagoons to wade through. It is against this backdrop that this writer deems it relevant to share the Singapore e-government experience with fellow Ghanaians. But, even before shedding some light on e-government strategies and implementations in Singapore, it may be necessary to explain what e-government is in the first place.

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